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118 flights this month

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407,313 miles this month

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847 hours this month

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25 active this month

Start a new Infinite Flight cargo career with UPS Virtual TODAY!


UPS Virtual offers you a completely different and unique experience in which we put you in the cockpit of our largest and most capable freighters with the ability to fly to any destination of your choosing. We pride ourselves on offering complete freedom in the Infinite Skies.

UPS Virtual operates 7 different aircraft types to deliver our cargo worldwide. From our shortest range aircraft; the Cessna, to two variants of the Queen of the Skies, you will find an aircraft for every kind of haul and any kind of flight.

While we offer the complete real world schedule of our real life counterpart comprised of over 900+ flights, we also allow our pilots to create their own adventure through a custom system which was built around one idea; freedom. By simply departing or arriving at anyone of our 17 hubs, you can depart or arrive into 250+ destinations

A message from the President/CEO - Dillon Davis/Skydriver900.

UPS Virtual is dedicated to providing an unrivaled level of realism within normal Infinite Flight Live proceedings, as well as offering a fun, competitive environment for the users of Infinite Flight to communicate, learn, and grow in every aspect of the community.

Current UPSV live flights

Latest UPSV Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Alexander Seesaha Mauritius Mauritius EDDK 2021-04-10
  Fırat Yurtger Turkey Turkey ZSPD 2021-04-07
  Dhruv Chopra India India KSDF 2021-04-07
  Ramon Foster U.S.A U.S.A KCAE 2021-03-29
  Josh Mccabe Ireland Ireland EDDK 2021-03-28
  Daniel Christensen U.S.A U.S.A KDFW 2021-03-27
  Diego Abril Columbia Columbia KMIA 2021-03-26

Latest 10 flight reports

Flight No. Departure City Arrival City Pilot Aircraft
UPS 999 PHNL KSDF   UPS 707 MD11
5X166 (1) WSSS ZGSZ   UPS 335 A332F
3V107 EBLG ZGSZ   UPS 117 B77F
5X1 (1B) VHHH EDDK   UPS 69 MD-11F
5X1 (1B) VHHH EDDK   UPS 666 MD-11F
5X2566 (A) KSDF PHNL   UPS 707 MD11
5X12(1A) EDDK RKSI   UPS 420 MD-11F
UPS 999 SBEG KSDF   UPS 707 MD11

Active bookings

Pilot Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO Aircraft Status
  Oguz Tayanc 5X76 (1A) KSDF OMDB UPS AIRCRAFT Booked
  Beljany Aquino 5X166 (1) WSSS ZGSZ UPS AIRCRAFT Booked
  Diego Abril 3V107 EBLG ZGSZ B77F Booked


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